Finally; Some Summer Rain!

After such a wet spring, I thought we’d be in no danger of a drought.  Nevertheless, the dry curse of Summer came right on time, and as July began, I watched dry patches appearing on our lawn and wondered if it might be time to start watering the grass.

As it turned out, I only had to water once, because later that day, the sky got dark, and air heavy, and a real rainstorm kicked up.  My younger siblings, of course, continued to play outside undaunted (or maybe even encouraged) by the buckets of water cascading from the sky.

Playing in the rain.

I loved this when I was younger.

Our pastures benefited from the rain too.  They were beginning to look like standing hay!  The cows, as anyone who has cows will already have guessed, enjoyed the rain too.

Cows in the Rain

Cows in the rain.

With dark clouds sticking around and bare patches making a comeback already, here’s to hoping we get some more rain!


About Jordan Hake

I'm an independent free-lancer who dabbles in writing, filmmaking, programming, art, farming, and more. I like to learn and experiment.

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