Farm Update

Well you wouldn’t believe how busy we’ve been over here… or maybe you might, considering the long break in posts.

Let’s see if I can just sum up quickly:


– Sep 19: A stranger at our local Fall Festival gave us five chicks.



– Oct 5: Some friends of ours gave us a milk cow.

What a wonderful surprise!

What a wonderful surprise!

– Nov 9: A friend of ours gave us a piano.

– During all of November we were building (from scraps) a chicken coop for our new chickens.

– Last week Jacob and I spent outside fixing fences

– Winter’s here with “winter-work” to do.

More posts to be coming soon… I hope.


A Wonderful Gift

When you’re a musical guy, it really means a lot to be able to exercise your musical abilities.  If you don’t have a piano… what else is there?  Unfortunately, we’re in a bit of a financial bind, and couldn’t find the funds to buy a piano, much less have it transported out into the-middle-of-nowhere.  Fortunately, some friends of ours paid us a surprise visit with a piano!

What a wonderful surprise!

What a wonderful surprise!

So now we have all been enjoying playing on our new piano, and thanking God for his wonderful gift to us!

New Composition on Sound Cloud!

Messing around on the keyboard yesterday and came up with something I liked.

You Know You’re Rural When… #6

You Know You’re Rural When…

… you’re a ten minute drive from anything.

And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down…

Remember earlier this summer, when I complained of the wet condition in our hayfield?

Hay Needing Mowed June '13

A wet hayfield


And then later, when I was glad to get a bit more rain?  Since that early rainy weather at the beginning of summer ended, things had been getting really dry around here.  Crunchy-crispy kind of dry.  No-grass-and-all-weeds kind of dry.

Dried out lake

Dried out lake

Berrying in the dry Summer

Berrying in the dry Summer


It was getting very dry.  I mowed the grass in the barnyard for the first time at the beginning of that dry spell… and I didn’t mow it again until a month later.  Of course, over the past week or so, it’s been rather wet over here.

Ok, fine – VERY wet.  Flooding, actually.



Growing up in dusty Colorado, where rain is so scarce that rain-barrels are illegal, I never could fathom that old rhyme, ‘Rain, rain go away, come again another day.’

I think I get the idea now.

So, with a very wet farewell, I hope you’re getting all the rain you need, because I can’t ship you any.